Changing to healthier habits now, will benefit you for the rest of your life!


Changing to healthier habits now, will benefit you for the rest of your life!


Busy female business owners who want to sustain a balanced life that's full of energy by implementing healthy habits, simple relaxation techniques, and more activity without feeling overwhelmed.


Ongoing support for up to 6 months and longer.

For longer-term coaching support, choose from my Economy Class, Business Class and First-Class packages.

All 3 packages include the following standard features:

  • Initial video assessment to check posture, mobility, flexibility etc. This is where we'll go over how you move, if anything hurts and suggestions to help you to move better during exercise.
  • Initial detailed questionnaire to take a closer look at your current habits, routine, condition (sleep quality, energy level, activity, relaxation, etc.) aches and pains and more
  • Monthly personalised workouts and habits. There's only ONE you. You should expect and even DEMAND that you get exactly what you need.  No one else will be doing the same things as you.
  • Monthly analysis of your progress, tracking and adjusting your programme. Just like in business, it's important to review what's been done, how it went, and what you'd like to focus on for the future.
  • Positive Mindset shift
  • Goal setting
  • Recommendations for a healthy lifestyle and a good work-life-balance
  • Service and support to reach your goals and to keep you accountable


All workouts will be delivered with an app that includes videos, exercise descriptions and reminders and it can be downloaded for free at the Apple Store.

All coaching packages have a minimum duration of 6 months (my recommendation to see great and sustainable results as well as changing habits is 12 months)


Do you want to improve your health and well-being?

And would you love to have a clear plan and an accountability partner, to help you make a difference in your life?

Then book a free discovery call and let's see how I can support you on your health journey.

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Choose your class and get the right support for you...

Choose your class and get the right support for you...


Economy Class

(£170 per month or £960 for 6 months)

Economy Class includes all of the standard features listed above, plus:

  • E-mail support (1 email per month)
  • Personalised nutrition report

Business Class

(£290 per month or £1600 for 6 months)

Business Class includes all of the standard features listed, plus:

  • Weekly messaging (Mon and Fri)
  • 40min Monthly Coaching Call
  • Basic nutrition guidance

First Class

(£480 per month or £2600 for 6 months)

First Class includes all of the standard features listed, plus:

  • Daily messaging (Mon to Fri)
  • Monthly 40min Coaching Call
  • 2 x 30min Online Personal Training Session
  • More sessions can be booked for an additional cost
  • Advanced nutrition guidance inc. eating patterns, recipes, food tracking, etc.
  • A few surprises

Using the App


All workouts will be delivered with an app, so you can exercise whenever and wherever you want to and stay connected with your coach! The app includes videos, exercise descriptions, reminders and real-time communication. It has everything you need to keep you motivated, inspired and accountable, so you can reach your goals.


Accessible on smartphones and tablets and using native mobile apps available for Android and iOS devices, the features allow you to:

  • Access personalised training plans
  • See your personalised goals and habits with daily/weekly reminders
  • Schedule workouts and stay committed by beating your personal best
  • Message your coach in real-time
  • Track body stats and take progress photos
  • Review past progress stats and graphs and get rewards (badges)
  • Set push notification reminders on days with scheduled workouts
  • Connect to Withings devices to sync body stats instantly
  • Track meals and upload pictures
  • Upload Meal Photos and track calories/macro
  • Get rewards (badges) when you achieve your goals, to celebrate your wins


Compatible with Apple watch, the app provides invaluable insights into your workout regimens and general health and fitness directly, so you can leave your phone at home. These include duration of workouts, distance, average and resting heart rate, calories burned, steps, sleep and more.


It allows you to communicate with your coach, ask questions when needed and keep motivation high, with in-app messaging and video calls.


Turn your small changes into big results, with your personalised habits, workouts, daily reminders, statistics and wins!