Body and Mind Coach


Body and Mind Coach


I’ve always led an active life, from playing football aged 6 and being the only girl in the team, to running around and climbing trees in my native Switzerland. I’m passionate about football and I love running, yoga and martial arts too.

When I left school, I decided not to go to university and to do an apprenticeship in Commerce instead – learning all aspects of business through study and hands-on experience within a company. From this, I decided to work in Human Resources, as I love working as part of a team and helping to support employees in their working environment.

Working in HR taught me a lot about understanding people’s feelings and how they think and communicate. I also saw many women feeling exhausted and putting themselves second. As I’m a sensitive and empathetic woman, this fuelled my desire to help women entrepreneurs to look after themselves and live fulfilled and healthy lives.

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Alongside my HR role, I was already working part-time as a personal trainer at a gym and teaching group classes. I’d noticed that during our training sessions, clients would often open up to me about their life challenges and I was always happy to offer a listening ear and support them in any way I could. I realised then, that my purpose was to become a Body and Mind Coach, to help others in a more holistic way. I did courses in wellness and rehabilitation and learned about exercises to improve posture and to relieve stiff and aching joints.

Keeping healthy and exercising has always come naturally to me. I know that it gives me the energy I need to fuel my active and adventurous lifestyle, from lifting weights in my home studio or at the gym and doing martial arts, to travelling the world. I’m passionate about cats, from my own domestic cats to big cats in the wild and I recently spent 2 months on a cheetah farm in South Africa. I love hopping on a motorbike with friends to explore the great outdoors in Mexico, where I now live for part of the year. Life is about balance, so to rest and recharge my batteries, I love to relax at the spa, get a massage or to read a great book.

As part of my self-development, I enjoy mental challenges, like learning different languages and finding out more about our amazing minds and bodies, then using my knowledge to help and support others.

I’d love to support you on your personal journey to a healthy, active and balanced life.



Skills & Accreditations

Personality and connection are both key ingredients for finding your perfect personal trainer but so are skills, experience and knowledge!

As an empath, understanding and recognising what other people are experiencing has always come very naturally to me, so too has supporting others. I have trained in a variety of different techniques and learned new tools, including both physical and mental, to become a better coach and trainer.

All of this enables me to support you to the best of my abilities and to the best of yours.



20+ years experience in Human Resources (Teamleader, HR Manager, Project Manager, Apprentices Coach, Corporate Health Management)

15+ years experience as a Fitness Coach, Group Fitness and Personal Trainer

3+ years experience as a Body and Mind Coach


I am multi-lingual speaking; English, French, German and Spanish.


Certified in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming)

Certified Power Yoga Instructor

Certified Trainer for rehabilitation

Certified Online Trainer

Certified Wellness trainer

Certified TRX Trainer

Certified HR Manager

Certified HR Assistant

Certified Online Trainer



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Nathalie is an excellent Fitness & Health Coach and really cares about people’s health and wellbeing. She’s SO passionate about what she does, very encouraging, empathic and professional.

Sandra S.

Nathalie is a terrific coach. Very insightful and sensitive to individual challenges, makes you feel comfortable yet pushes to do more. Flexible to do training in person in the gym or via zoom. I’ve enjoyed training with her and always looked forward to our sessions.

Britt P.

She’s professional, displays integrity and brings a lot of positive energy and compassion into her work. She’s all about bringing out the best in her clients, has a great attitude and is always very engaging. 

Jessica S.

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